Fleets & Dealers

Why choose Discount Glass? Here are some good reasons:

Quick response. We work fast to move cars through your shop and keep your fleet on the road! And we’re always there with the right part ASAP.

Your choice of OEM or aftermarket parts. Our policy is to use OEM parts whenever practical, but the choice is up to you.

We get it right the first time. Fewer redo’s save you time and money and boost customer satisfaction.

Parts are usually in stock. Our warehouses stock a 90 day supply of glass featuring both the most popular and some harder to find parts.

Customer Service Reps who know you. Our CSRs emphasize customer service and exhibit the utmost in professionalism. They’ll get to know you fast and give you top quality service every time.

Safety is key. Our installations meet or exceed U.S. government standards for safe windshield and airbag function in accidents. Not every company can claim this! We use top quality Dinitrol urethane adhesives. For more information please see our auto glass safety page.

Automated auditing of glass invoices to save time and money.

We are a major supplier of glass service to FORD and other new car dealership service departments throughout the U.S.