At Discount Glass we consider our relationship with you as “unbreakable.” Discount Glass gives you a lifetime warranty on all workmanship involved in replacing your glass. That warranty covers water leaks and air noise. All warranty work will be done at our service locations.

This warranty does not cover breakage or damage resulting from vandalism, theft, “acts of God”, negligence, or self-inflicted damage. The sealing of any windshield is guarenteed with the exception of leakage, stress cracks or related damage to the vehicle’s body or resulting from rust or deterioration of any factory seals that Discount Glass deems necessary to replace. We will advise you of the existence of such damage or rust prior to removal of the existing glass.

In order to exercise your rights under this warranty, please contact our Service Center. You will need to show proof of purchase such as your original work order or invoice. We request that all warranty work be performed in our Service Center to allow us to oversee quality assurance. This warranty covers the repair and replacement mentioned above and does not cover rock chip repairs or incidental or consequential damages. There are no warranties that extend beyond those expressed.